First trailer for new DS FPS C.O.R.E.

Behold C.O.R.E., the new Nintendo DS first-person shooter from NoWay Studios. NoWay has spent the past 14 months pushing the DS to its limits to “bring the gaming experience of the FPS on a handheld—previously only matched on a PC.”

In C.O.R.E. you play as a marine called to check in on a government lab complex that has been out of communication for two weeks. The lab is set on top of and throughout a meteor that crashed on Earth 20 years before. Players will have to navigate through 14 levels of the complex and into the meteor itself where they’ll have to face “a danger that is a threat for the whole of Mankind” (so we shouldn’t expect anything overly fresh when it comes to the plot). The levels are set in huge open areas that players can explore and find multiple routes through by climbing ladders, controlling vehicles and utilizing switches, controllers, video cameras and accessing cards.

C.O.R.E. boasts 20 different enemies ranging from your standard mad scientists and insane marines to deadly mutants and bosses, as well as a variety of weapons from classic handguns, shotguns and rocket launchers to experimental weapons like the plasma gun. The game will also come with multiplayer support — a local team can play Deathmatch, Team Arena or Capture the Flag, with a single game card supporting up to 4 players.

No release date has been given yet, but, if the trailer above is any indication, we can look forward to some rather Doom-like shooting mayhem, accented by heavy music and all.