Ignition brings Metal Slug 7 to the DS

The Metal Slug series is one that has managed to successfully integrate into every generation of videogames. Since making its debut in the Neo Geo arcade days, the franchise has seen countless iterations with the gameplay staying true to the art of a straight 2D side-scrolling shooter with high intensity action. Metal Slug 7 now plans to leave its mark on the Nintendo DS, courtesy of Ignition Entertainment and SDK.

The Metal Slug games are about a group of soldiers with access to a large arsenal of heavy weapons as they take on the latest threats. We’ve battled against aliens, Yeti’s, and our personal favorite – zombies. Players can team up with a buddy and move to the end of level to reach a massive boss rescuing captured allies along the way. Metal Slug 7 puts the player in the boots of Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fiolina, Clark and Ralph as they take on seven original missions. New weapons and bosses accompany the new landscapes for DS owners to take advantage of. The game will also include vehicles with names like Slug Truck and Slug Gigant.

Additional modes outside the main campaign are also promised, but so far no details have been given. Expect more on that before the game is relased some time this fall.