Wii Fit fans caught in fake website scam

There has been an awful lot of hype surrounding Wii Fit in the UK and a flurry of gamers try to get their hands on a copy of Nintendo’s coveted exer-game. One website has tried to cash in on all this grabbing and clawing by taking orders for the game under the guise of popular highstreet retailer Zavvi.co.uk and has found itself in a teensy bit of trouble with the police as a result.

The faux site, which goes by the name of Zavvi Direct has since been closed down by the British authorities and had over £50,000 in cash seized from it. While the remainder of the company’s funds have been frozen a total of £24,000 is still unaccounted for. The website took a total of 2,500 orders in its month-long lifespan, none of which have been fulfilled.

The gentleman implicated in this whole sordid affair, one Mr. Paul Clayton, is claiming (via his solicitor) to be a victim of identity theft. If this is true, which according to the UK police may well be, then it means that the real internet supervillian behind this whole scam is still on the loose out there, somewhere. Sleep tight.