New information on Quantum of Solace, first screens

Maybe you missed it but I’m a big fan of James Bond. Really big. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Treyarch was not only developing Quantum of Solace but also using the COD4 engine to do it. Details on the game since that announcement though have been pretty scarce. We got snippets here and there like the fact that the game will cover the plot of both Casino Royale and the upcoming Quantum of Solace. We also knew that plenty of the cast would be showing up in the game and that it would be a first-person shooter for the most part but would cut into third person for special moments. Still, it wasn’t that much, especially if you’re crazed about every detail about anything Bond like I am.

Luckily there are such things as first looks and now that Quantum of Solace has had one we know a lot more about it. For instance, the game is going to be split about 50/50 between the two films and feature mostly FPS action unless Bond is shooting around corners or doing take downs of enemies, kind of like the Rainbow Six games. The game also has a very cinematic feel to it so that the action is always tense despite the new Bond’s trend to less massive shootouts with high body counts and more low key encounters.

The best thing to hear though is that Treyarch is focusing on making a game that plays well instead of trying to cram in every Bond cliche there is. Thus there won’t be any car driving levels or a poker mini-game, just straight forward action gameplay. And that sounds great to me. One of the biggest flaws of many of the past Bond games that EA made was trying to cram in too much and losing focus on developing a great game. Still, I’m glad to see they left in the construction scene chase from the beginning of Casino Royale.

Graphically the game is looking really impressive too as you can tell from these newly released first screenshots. Daniel Craig’s face was captured for the game and while his body motions weren’t, the team got Ray Park to stand in instead, which is pretty awesome in itself. The only question I have left, other than every detail about the new movie possible, is where are the Bond ladies?

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