Stix wireless controller for PC, a lawsuit waiting to happen?

Nintendo has been sued more than once for supposed patent infringement on their Wii remote. Companies and individuals alike have gone after them for the motion-control or even the placement of the trigger button. Not to mention all the other lawsuits against other controllers, like Nintendo suing Nyko over its Kama Wireless Nunchuk.

So, what makes a company blatantly model their new controller after the Wii remote? Unknown. But that looks like exactly what GoLive2 has went and done with Stix, their new motion-sensing game controller for PC. Other than being a Wii remote lookalike, the Stix also has 3D motion-sensing, depending on what version you buy. The control demo pictures look just like Nintendo’s controller as well, showing the controller used in swinging motions as well as turning it sideways like a steering wheel.

GoLive2 aims to offer PC gamers a new control method for thousands of already existing, free online games, along with some compatible retail games. The company is launching an online gaming portal called Sphere with hundreds of free in-house and third-party titles made just for the Stix controller. The site will also have a search engine for finding all the existing free online titles that work with Stix as well.

Could gamers actually look forward to playing PC titles with a wannabe Wii remote? Is there going to be a Stix Nunchuk – a “schuk” if you will? I guess we’ll just have to wait till Stix launches nationwide this August to find out.