Bad Company connection issues make me sad

Anyone who’s attempted to play a decent amount of Battlefield: Bad Company since its launch just over a week ago may have been feeling an emotion that games are not meant to invoke; mind-numbing frustration.  That’s because many gamers, such as myself, have had intermittent connection quality… and that’s putting it nicely.

In fact, things were so bad over this past weekend that there was literally a good 4-hour block of time that I could not get connected to two games in a row. I might be lucky enough to score a solid connection on my initial try, but after that I would be completely on my own.  My console would just sit in “connecting to game, please wait” mode indefinitely.  That’s a pretty disheartening thing, especially when the game is just so damn good!  This has been the first game to really pull me away from CoD4 since Christmas, and that’s saying something.

Apparently, the only fix for the solution at the moment is to reset your console.  Yep, just get down there on your hands and knees and reset the box like you grandparents used to have to do… in two feet of snow, of course.  The problem only seems to exist on the Xbox 360, and the Bad Company team has already stated they are working on a long-term fix for the problem, but until then, get your resetting finger ready, it’s going to get a workout.

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