Blizzard’s Paul Sams wants Microsoft to focus on PC

Blizzard, who recently made nearly every gamer religious when they announced Diablo III, might be a bit concerned about their exclusive PC release. Paul Sams, chief operating officer at Blizzard, has now said that it’s unfortunate that Microsoft are directing a lot of their attention towards the Xbox 360, thus making the PC stand outside the limelight.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Sams says “Their gaming focus is very much on the [Xbox] 360. And that makes sense, cause they’re a hardware manufacturer as well as a software developer. And so they’ve got a lot of money and investment tied up in that system,”

“And I kind of look at it and say to myself that it would be great if they put more emphasis on the Windows operating system, certainly probably the most prominent operating system in the world. Even more so than console boxes.”

When PC titles are sailing rough seas these days, this is an important issue to be brought up. Microsoft wouldn’t have gotten into the console business in the first place if they didn’t believe that was the most profitable alternative for them, and while the PC might be the ultimate gaming machine, considering graphics, controls and tweaking abilities, the consoles seduce customers with accessibility and effortless gaming. Many people probably feel more natural in front of their TV than their computer screen.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Diablo III or any other upcoming titles from Blizzard will encounter any major problems with Microsoft’s bigger focus on the consoles. PC gamers won’t leave their desks for a long time, and Diablo III will most certainly not be playable the regular “console way”. Maybe a good thing for exclusive PC titles would be to design them in a way that makes the PC invaluable? I’m thinking something like the Wii-phenomenon, but in a PC manner. Something like this won’t really do it (“104 programmable keys with macro capabilities” just don’t spell victory), but you get the idea. What could that something be?