Chrono Trigger DS just in time for the holiday season

A lot of speculation was going around involving a website with a strange ticking clock yesterday which most instantly assumed is a countdown for the announcement of a Chrono Trigger remake. You can only imagine the joy I felt when I realized they were right — Square Enix confirmed today that the SNES RPG hit will find a new home on the Nintendo DS near the end of the year. In case you missed it back in the day (for shame!), here is a brief synopsis of Chrono Trigger.

You play as a Crono who gets out of bed one day and heads to the Millennial Fair that’s being held near his house. When he gets there, he can partake in some mini games like racing around the area or enter a drinking contest. The story’s main plot kicks off when his friend Marle goes through a strange portal after volunteering to try out a transportation device. When Croni goes after her, he finds himself 400 years in the past, thus starting the adventure.

The DS version will include some features unique to the platform. Besides the given touch screen capabilities, we can expect wireless play and a brand new dungeon to explore. We’ll have to wait a little longer to learn what those wireless features entail though.

For now, Chrono Trigger DS has only been announced for Japan and North America. Bringing it to Europe will no doubt create an all new fanbase for the 15 year old RPG that’s still on a lot of our lists as being one of the best of all time.