Fresh LittleBigPlanet details from David Smith

Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet is one of the titles Sony hopes will be a break out hit later in the year. We’ve gotten constant updates as far as gameplay and aspirations are concerned, and now we’ve got a little bit more. David Smith, a technical director from Media Molecule did an extensive interview with Eurogamer today which allowed anyone to ask him questions about the game, and revealed some interesting tidbits.

We know that LBP will be one of the upcoming games that will support the PS3’s new Trophy system. Smith says the Trophy and point system will be closely tied into LBP’s “Play, Create, Share” philosophy. For example, one of the tasks players will have to do in order to get one of the Trophies will be to create a device that can launch your character at high speeds. Another one may be for having a certain number of people play a level you’ve created; the possibilities could be pretty much endless with a game of this nature.

As for the visual style they went for, Smith said they tried 2D but found it held back a lot of the gameplay options they wanted to include. Making the game 3D on the other hand made it really difficult to maintain the kinds of physics the game is based off now. So the solution was “2.5D” which allows the developers to have more breathing room when trying to create complex things like vehicles — you get all the pleasure of moving around easily, yet you don’t have to worry about weird angles when you navigate.

And speaking of visuals concepts, LBP will run in 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. It’s not full HD, but then again not many games are right now. It will also contain a mandatory install of roughly 1GB. Smith emphasized that this size can go up or down as the game gets closer to completion, which should be before October this year.

Media Molecule is also working on implementing a video recording feature. So if you’re one of the people who have been looking forward to staging a true to life recreation of your favorite movie scene, you just may get a chance to show it off as well. VOIP will be supported to encourage teamwork, and some features using the PlayStation Eye will be revealed in the future. There was also the hint of possible YouTube uploads.

Finally, the issue of objectionable content. After seeing all the phallus happy creations and variations thereof in Spore’s Creature Creator, something has to be done to keep that from happening again. Smith promised that reporting offensive user-created content in LBP will be simple; just point it out, answer some questions, and it’ll be sorted out.

LittleBigPlanet will show up among Sony’s other big titles at E3, and I myself am super excited to finally get my hands on the game. Until October comes around, I recommend we all jot down our Sackboy designs pronto.

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