Interesting fact: More people have died in Halo 3 than are alive

I die a lot when I play multiplayer in Halo 3. Like, a lot, a lot. I’m not very good. So the fact that as of a few days ago more people have been killed in Halo 3 than exist on this great sphere we live on really doesn’t surprise me. In fact I will claim responsibility for at least one or two percent of the 6,852,762, 021 recorded deaths in the game. With the Earth’s population roughly around 6,707,188,306 and counting, that puts people shooting people in Halo way ahead of people having sex and producing babies which is both worrisome and a relieving at the same time.

This little tidbit was discovered by a Bungie forum member who decided to compare the Bungie death counter and the U.S. world population counter and then post them in between rounds of shouting out racial ephithets and teabagging. The numbers are actually a little off too since the Bungie death counter only counts kills and not deaths by friendly fire which number around 1,197,119,900. Master Chiefs be dropping like flies. Of course I’m pretty sure tons of other online FPS have logged this many kills and are probably even further ahead of the population than Halo 3 is, but I wasn’t told about those so I wrote about this. Deal.