New details for Cooking Mama World Kitchen for Wii

Cooking Mama has enjoyed much success on the DS and Wii, selling over two million units to date. Time for a makeover! Majesco has revealed that Cooking Mama Limited have given Mama a much needed face lift with an all new 3D presentation.

Cooking Mama World Kitchen is the second Wii title in the series and it sticks to the same recipe with just a few new spices. Players will still use the Wii remote as an all purpose kitchen tool for chopping, grating, slicing, stirring and rolling. The game will have many new recipes like parfait and shrimp au gratin.

Even some of the best home cooks make mistakes and virtual cooking is the same. However, mistakes made during meal preparation will result “comedic mini-game surprises; for example, if you flip a burger too high, you can control Mama as she rushes in to save the day by catching it in her apron.”

The last new gameplay mechanic mentioned adds a rhythm and motion element that should make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Though you probably shouldn’t really dance too much with a hot skillet in your hands?

The first Wii Cooking Mama didn’t get very good reviews. There seemed to a lot lost in the translation, so hopefully these changes will bring the series home on the Wii when it’s released this holiday season.

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