Nyko’s PS3 Media Hub gives back what Sony took away

There was a time when the PS3 was so expensive only the five richest kings of Europe could afford one. Everyone else had to pick up the toned down 20 GB version while sacrificing such features as Wi-Fi, memory card readers, and the pimped out chrome trim. A year later, the 40 GB PS3 was introduced which failed to have PS2 backwards compatibility, memory card readers, and was also missing two USB ports. Enter peripheral manufacturer Nyko’s — who was recently sued by Nintendo for bringing something to the market that Nintendo still doesn’t offer themselves btw — new PS3 product that gives back some of what Sony has taken away.

The product is called Media Hub and is currently in development over at Nyko’s secret laboratories, and will bring three extra USB ports and a memory card reader for any and all PS3 models. The unit simply plugs into one of the available USB ports and draws its power directly from the PS3, leaving no silly wires in the way.

“We found that many of our customers who had purchased the popular 40 GB version of the PS3, which has less USB ports and no media card reader, were looking for an affordable solution to expand with these features”, said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. “With the Media Hub, an additional three USB ports and a media card reader are now possible for all PS3 models, allowing consumers to enjoy the full capabilities of their multimedia system no matter which model they choose.”

The Media Hub will drop on store shelves this August for $19.99.