You’ll be able to borrow videogames from the Library… In Ohio

Here’s something that should help to get kids out of the living room, off the streets and into the library.  According to local reports (Dayton Daily News) in Centerville, OH the Washington-Centerville Public Library will be letting lucky holders of a library card take videogames out on loan. There will be only two categories that members will be able to choose from: games aimed at families and games aimed at players 10 and up.  All of the major systems will be represented — PS2, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 (but no DS) — and you’ll be able to borrow the games for a week and given the option of renewal.

Hmm… I wonder what they’re going to do for late fees?  Hopefully this is an idea that will pick up steam and get implemented in other areas as well.