Little League World Series for Wii and DS

Activision is stepping up to the plate for the Little League in the first officially licensed game for current-gen consoles. Players will be able to bat, pitch and field as they rise from backyard and sandlot hopefuls to champions in Little League World Series 2008, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Little League will feature “extraordinarily deep customization” and character creation, so likely no Miis in the stands at these games. Players will have 16 teams to choose from with 8 teams representing the U.S. and another 8 international teams. Since these games are being made specifically for the DS and Wii, expect both to rely heavily on the touch and motion controls. For the DS, players will be free to take any position on the diamond, while Wii players will really pitch and swing.

“Little League baseball fans, players and families simply haven’t had a videogame made just for them, so our goal is to fill this niche,” said Activision’s Dave Oxford. “Creating this game with the Little League organization has been a pleasure and we look forward to paying homage to the three million Little League players around the world today.”

Fans can take a swing when the game hits stores August 5.