Sadness will be here by the fall of 2009. Yea, right.

I had officially declared Sadness vaporware at some point, but evidentally the game’s publisher, Nibris, didn’t get the memo. The game has been delayed plenty of times and the only real screenshot we’ve ever had of it might not actually be a real screenshot at all. Otherwise it’s just been a bunch of concept art and smoke and mirrors. I mean that literally; the concept art has a lot of smoke and mirrors in it. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t go waving my arms above my head in joy, screaming about a confirmed release date that has been posted at the game’s site because I just don’t believe it.

If the date was accompanied by some new screens or maybe some tips on what the gameplay will actually be, maybe then I would have some faith, but there’s nothing. I’m not even going to get my hopes up about something happening at E3 since Nibris won’t even be there. If this game does come out at some point ever, I’ll be a happy man as its style alone (or what I can discern it’s style might possibly be) has sold me on it. I just get the feeling that the second coming of Christ will be happening before this game is in my hands.

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