U.S. game sales surpass DVDs

There will come a day when the small shall strike down the large and the mighty will be humbled upon this Earth, and that day shall be today…or actually yesterday…or a few days ago. That didn’t come out right. Look, all I’m saying is that the little industry that everyone thought was going to die out and be nothing by the mid-80’s is slowly creeping up on what has been the dominant money making form of entertainment for the past forever. That’s right, games are making more money than movies…in some areas.

It’s a well known and much lauded fact in gaming circles that game sales make more money than movie box office sales. What the gaming industry doesn’t brag about so much is that when it’s all said and done (rentals, DVD sales, etc.), the movie industry is still kicking the game industry’s butt. However, that seems to be changing. The Entertainment Merchants Association has released its annual report, and the trade group’s recap of 2007 compiled cross-industry stats and compares a few things between the industries. And guess what? According to the NPD Group, the retail gaming industry in the U.S. of A. took in $18.5 billion during 2007, which is nearly twice the box office take of only $9.6 billion.

That’s all normal, but this year the gaming industry did a bit more. They decided to surpass DVD sales too, which were reported to be $16 billion by Digital Entertainment Group and $15.9 billion by Adams Media Research. Looking good, videogames! That is, if you don’t count all of the other money the movie industry made outside of the box office and DVD sales. If you count that, then the film industry made around $33 billion, meaning the gaming industry still has plenty of catching up to do.