Activision rocks the DS with company’s best seller On Tour

Activision had announced that Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS is a major success. That’s no surprise given the insane popularity of the series that gave air guitarists something to hold onto. What is surprising is that the 300,000 units that sold over the first week put On Tour as Activision’s most successful DS title ever and has made it one of their top 5 best-selling launches of all time.

For those that haven’t seen someone rocking out on their commute to work, just wait because you will. On Tour puts Guitar Hero completely in your hands and offers the most diverse set of master tracks so far.

Chief Executive Officer at Activision, Mike Griffith, says that “Guitar Hero is one of the most successful entertainment properties and continues to push the boundaries of innovation with Guitar Hero: On Tour. The game’s breakthrough peripheral brings the Guitar Hero experience to the 41 million DS users in North America and Europe, where they can play anywhere, anytime.”

With that 41 million user base, Guitar Hero’s name and success will only continue to grow, so keep an eye out for commuting rockers and offer a hand with some air drums.