Digital Extremes to assist in development of BioShock for PS3

Hot off the heels of their warmly received sci-fi shooter Dark Sector, developer Digital Extremes has been revealed as the fourth developer that will be helping to “optimize” the hit shooter BioShock for its debut on the PlayStation 3. The other three developers involved with the port will be 2K Australia, 2K Marin and home of Ken Levine himself 2K Boston. Though it’s worth mentioning that the PS3 version is not a straight port, but rather an enhanced version that will have new features and content not found in its PC or Xbox 360 brethren.

Founder of Digital Extremes, James Schmalz had this to say of the collaboration: “When 2K approached us to assist with development on BioShock for the PlayStation 3 system, it was a no-brainer. You really can’t ask for a more exciting, technically impressive world to work in than Rapture, and the incredible knowledge and talent between the 2K studios and our team at Digital Extremes is unprecedented. The collaboration on this project will make the PlayStation 3 system sing with Big Daddy goodness and Little Sister ‘thank you’s’.”

This will not be Digital Extremes first collaboration on a title, in fact they have worked with Epic for quite some time on the Unreal franchise, which includes development of the original Unreal, and many of its subsequent Unreal Tournament sequels.

The PS3 version of BioShock is due this October.