Sacred 2 releases T-Energy in September

Every once in a while us gamers may feel the need to dedicate a ridiculous amount of time into completing a mythical adventure. The ability to create a character that satisfies our own superpower induced fantasies gives us somewhere to run to when we realize the powers we have in real life are just plain boring. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel — a prequel to the original game that was released on the PC four years ago — is one of the games that allows us to do that. The game is an open-world RPG developed by Ascaron Entertainment and takes place in the land of Ancaria.

Within Ancaria lies a force of energy, known as T-Energy, with the power to cause prosperity, or destruction if wielded incorrectly. The High Elves of Ancaria, who are in control of the T-Energy, have a difference in opinion, to say the least, on how to use it. The High Elves are split into the Nobility and the Clergy, and while these guys are out killing each other, other races in Ancaria try to get the T-Energy for themselves. The result is a land where life has become riddled with chaos, and it’s here where the player makes a crucial decision — to either play as the embodiment of all which is good and pure to free the land, or break from tradition and become the most evil being the world has ever known.

Whichever the player chooses, the story is told through over 100 quests, some crucial to the main storyline, some unique to the character the player chose to become. The game also features a drop-in cooperative mode where whatever items the player manages to dig up can be carried back to their own single-player game. Consoles will support up to four players online, and the PC version up to 16 players.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will be available on PC in September while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions arrive two months later in November.