Burn Christian games?!?

No, no, not that type of burning. Burning like copying a CD. GraceWorks Interactive (developer, distributor and publisher of Bible-based and Christian-themed games) has just signed a digital distribution deal with Integra Interactive. This deal allows GraceWorks to make their games available on Integra’s myMedia BurnBar kiosks. Integra has over 1,500 of these kiosks in Christian stores across America where customers can listen to music and choose songs to burn to a CD in the store. They’re getting more popular as store owners save space and shipping on actual CDs — now customers will be able to watch previews of games and then burn them right there.

“Since its launch one year ago, myMEDIA BurnBar has become a key sales generator for music and audio books for many retailers without the usual attached inventory costs. Computer and videogames is just another category to give shoppers an even broader selection of products,” stated David Amster, Integra Chief Innovation Officer.

Could this system work in the mainstream? Imagine going to Best Buy and being able to put together your own CD or watch proper previews of all the games before you buy them. Then again, there’s already iTunes and downloading PC games from the developer’s website…