Direct sequel to Elebits invading your DS

The diminutive Elebits from the Nintendo Wii will soon call the DS home, as Konami has announced a direct sequel for a platform more fitting in size. Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero will carry on the story of the adorable little creatures that supply electricity. In the original incarnation’s colorful adventure, players were given the responsibility to find and collect the elusive Elebits from various areas, such as the bedroom, kitchen, closets, hallways, and living rooms. This was achieved by dragging open drawers, tossing items about, and generally making a mess of the place. Once you found one of the little buggers, a special capture gun scooped them up and you were good to go.

The DS incarnation will incorporate the touch screen and a top-down, Zelda-like graphic style to weave a more mystical narrative where titular characters Kai and Zero are whisked away on a magical bus to a realm that they’re not quite sure how to escape from. Since this IS a direct sequel to Elebits, it’s clear that collecting them will be the first step. Since Kai’s handy capture gun may be used to detain Elebits and manipulate items, it will be interesting to see how the DS’s stylus will come into play.

Kai and Zero won’t be alone on their journey. A new species of the fuzzy little organic batteries, known as Omega Elebits, will be along for the ride. They will offer new abilities that just may aid Kai and Zero on their quest to get back home. They’ll be able to light up dark areas, search out hidden places in certain levels, and lend a hand in any way that they can. Also, just like Kai and Zero won’t have to go it alone, neither will you. The DS’s Wi-Fi capabilities will be put to good use in head-to-head or multiplayer battles where players will compete to see who can capture the most Elebits.

Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero is slated for a Fall release. In the meantime, gamers can prepare by scouring their environments thoroughly for tiny, glowing creatures that give off sparks. By the time this game is released, that’ll be a ton of experience under the belt.