One DVD not enough for Infinite Undiscovery

The upcoming Japanese RPG Infinite Undiscovery will be released on two DVD’s, according to Square Enix and tri-Ace. Unsurprisingly, Blu-ray fanboys use this as an example of how outdated the DVD is, but I really don’t see the problem here.

I actually smirked when I read it was going to be released on two DVD’s. Final Fantasy, Diablo, Baldurs Gate and Shenmue also had games in their series that came on several discs, and that wasn’t really a problem. Quite the opposite actually, there’s a certain feeling you get when that “Please insert CD 2” message pops up, a feeling of accomplishment and advancement. I do realize that’s just the sentimental side of me speaking, I could praise those nostalgic pixly animations in ten year old games and it would be the same thing. Kind of.

Multiple DVD’s are justified as long as Infinite Undiscovery turns out good. And it ought to, you might remember that tri-Ace have said that the game will make the RPG genre “undergo a true evolution“. Just cross your fingers that the evolution will be in terms of gameplay and not just a truckload of cinematics.

Above you can see four minutes of gameplay and listen to Japanese people talking. It looks good, and it seems to have a high tempo which I personally like (games such as Red Studio’s The Witcher could sometimes be frustratingly slow-paced, making long distance-traveling tiresome.) The fighting system also looks interesting, but it’s either difficult to swing your sword, or the person playing it enjoys getting a beat-up and do nothing about it.

Infinite Undiscovery will be released in the US on September 5th for the Xbox 360.

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