Wii Fit lacking stamina in Japan

Despite stampeding at the checkouts and supply never quite meeting demand, it’s looking like Japan’s love affair with Wii Fit was more of a lustful one night stand than a long term relationship. Not three months after the game’s release, its looking like the Japanese are already shunning the software in droves.

This comes out of a recent survey of 1000 gamers by ITMedia into how many copies of the exer-game were surviving the honeymoon period and being used on a regular basis by buyers. While 22% of users claimed they were faithfully using the software on a daily basis, a whopping 64% had let their balance board slide over into a dark corner to gather dust (with everybody else landing between those two extremes).

What does this all mean? Well it throws into doubt just how endearing and long lasting Nintendo’s  world-beating and innovative strategy actually is. Calling the Wii a fad has been the easy punch to pull on the product by its competitors, and something of a low blow (though that has yet to stop anyone). Despite that, figures like this really don’t help the Wii’s case. If Nintendo can’t develop some long term commitment with the balance board in its homeland, then what hope does it have on the international stage?

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