BioWare’s Dragon Age to reveal itself on July 9th?

Something big is going to happen on Wednesday this week. It’s not the celebration of Tom Hanks’ birthday, but some bewitched information on BioWare’s upcoming RPG Dragon Age. As you all know, a game from BioWare spells success, and although we don’t know very much about Dragon Age, here’s what’s available at the moment.

The game will be a ‘spiritual successor’ to the Baldur’s Gate series, and has its own game engine, called Eclipse. The game will focus a lot on the characters and classes, and you will start your game in a different way depending on what kind of character you create. This introduction will play a big part in the future, as you may come across certain people you’ve affected in your early days.

There won’t be any D&D alignment in the game, but that doesn’t mean your actions won’t have a huge influence to the story, and what your fellow party members think of you. Make sure you don’t piss them off too much, as they might walk away and not return.

Also, the setting will be a lot different than in most previous BioWare games. For example, those colorful, magical fantasy environments seem to be scarce in Dragon Age. Instead, there’s a darker, more rough and hard-handed world, with a lower focus on magic. BioWare have said the following: “[Magic] operates under certain laws… magic is not something that can “do anything” provided one is powerful enough. There are indeed some very powerful mages in DA. It’s not an issue of power level. The issue is that even those powerful mages must operate under the same laws of magic as everyone else.”

I see this as something positive. I do love the previous BioWare games, but less “chanting and bringing back the dead” is appreciated. BioWare have also stated that dragons will exist, but they don’t play a major part i.e. your character won’t have a special relationship to them, nor are they some dominant feature of the story.

So, what can we expect on Wednesday? Could it be.. a gameplay video? Please? Or maybe they’re announcing publisher or a release date? All we know today is that the game will be out before April 2009. Either way, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.