Introducing a monthly feature / Music in Games

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but music and videogames are becoming very close bed fellows. Not only have games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band made the music industry a major part of the gaming industry and visa versa but soundtracks to games, especially those involving sports, are becoming a bigger and bigger deal to be featured on. EA has even started its own record label called Artwerk which signs and produces albums of bands and artists featured on EA games. What I’m saying is, music in games, about games or even just referencing games is kind of a big deal.

In that light we here at That VideoGame Blog bring you a new monthly feature: Music in Games. Each month we’ll be interviewing a band whose music is going to or has been featured in a videogame. We’ll find out how one gets their music involved in games, what the benefits are and bring you some awesome interviews with some fantastic bands. With this monthly feature will come monthly chances to win some splendiferous prizes such as games, music and more. We’ll be kicking off Music in Games later today with a great contest featuring our new Community Discussions section. Then keep on the lookout every month for more interesting bands, music, games and contests.