Experience more PAIN this summer

The PSN exclusive title PAIN has seen its ups and downs since it was released last year. One of the main additions that fans have been blowing up the message boards about was another stage in which to sling your character around. While an in game billboard stated the amusement park level would be coming soon, it’s almost become a pipe dream for the optimistic. Just when we were getting used to the idea that PAIN would only deliver oddball characters to purchase, word has arrived from the game’s official site that the amusement park themed level will indeed be coming this summer.

PAIN ‘s producer Travis Williams let us in on a few changes that were put into developing the new stage. When we boot up PAIN ‘s new level, one of the first things we’ll notice is the new character launcher. He doesn’t say what it is exactly, but I think it’s good to take a break from the giant slingshot. I’m guessing it’s probably going to be a cannon.

Taking into account that this is an amusement park, there’s going to be a lot more moving parts in the environment. Those parts will be incorporated into a multi-leveled designed stage which will result in the ability to rack up more multiplier points. And yes, online multiplayer will finally be up and running.

The add-on content will cost under seven bucks with trophy support thrown in as an added bonus. Williams promises that new trophies will be added as the content continues to roll out for PAIN. A video demonstrating the new level will be revealed shortly and we’ll have it here when it does.