Firmware 2.41 released, world keeps spinning

Looks like those rumors of a fix to the buggy PS3 v2.40 firmware were more than just true. We were lead to believe that v2.41 would be released sometime in the middle of the week but it turns out it was early Tuesday morning instead. For all of you that have been terrified of firing up your consoles out of fear of a software tragedy, you can rest easy now. Sony has promised us that if you previously downloaded v2.40, you won’t experience any problems at all. Conversely, if you have been noticing some occasional freezing or other hiccups, v2.41 will rectify all of that. There has been a small number of unfortunate users that can’t access their XMB at all, which makes downloading the fix impossible. They are urged to give a call to Sony’s customer service line to get that issue sorted out.

The culprit behind the firmware controversy turned out to be the result of an issue with the software which “prevented a limited number of PS3s from activating properly after updating to version 2.40, when certain system administrative data were contained on the HDD.” It could all possibly mean a simple setting such as the PS3’s internal clock may have contributed to this. Sony won’t go into specifics though.

In addition to the firmware fix, you may have noticed the Platinum Trophy icon has been changed completely. Instead of a crown, it’s now an encapsulated blue sphere. Nice touch if you ask me.