Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up! coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade

This week’s Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, while being polar opposites of each other, bring tons of multiplayer action.  Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up! are the newest additions to the multitude of games available for download on Wednesday at 800 Microsoft Points a piece.

Schizoid, the first title to be created using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio technology, has an indelible focus on teamwork. You’re going to want to really trust your friends for this one, as it’s been touted as “the most co-op game ever”. Over 120 levels will find you and your teammates (or AI bots) cutting through and protecting each other from waves and waves of enemies reminiscent of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.  The catch? Instead of shooting enemies, you’ll be ramming into them. Don’t get all explosion-happy just yet. You’ll be responsible for colliding with ships of the same color, much like Ikaruga’s polarity changes. Controlling your ship is easy as pie — simply use the left stick to move around.

Sharp, colorful graphics and intuitive controls work together to create a multiplayer experience quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Are you a loner? “Uberschizoid” mode saddles you with two ships to control by yourself. This means piloting two ships at the same time with both analog sticks. For the less adventurous, there will be a “Wingman” mode as well, providing a lovely AI assistant to aid you in clearing those enemies out. From the look of things, you’re definitely going to want some help with Schizoid’s mindbending madness though.

If you’re not into crafty cooperative play, then Golf: Tee It Up! may well be the choice for you this week. It’s a fun little golf-sim that will allow you to get into a game on your own or play with friends in an 18-hole tournament via Xbox LIVE. Players can customize their golfers with many different items to set themselves apart from the rest of the world, take in beautiful golfing environments, and tackle courses with friends in the co-op mode. It’s a simple yet solid golfing experience, and seeing that there is a dearth of golfing games for the Xbox 360, this might be a must-buy for you sports fans.

Want more info? You can head on over to the official Xbox LIVE Arcade pages for both Schizoid and Golf: Tee It Up!. I know I will be getting my hands on Schizoid. Who wants to play?