The ladies love Nintendo and Nintendo loves the ladies

Oh, mainstream media, it’s like you’re a year behind the internet and no one’s told you it might be a good idea to catch up. Yes, in the video above The Today Show brings you the breaking news that Nintendo is targeting women! Really? I had no clue.

Maybe I’m coming down on Today a bit harshly here. In fact there is actually an interesting story buried within the top 40 pop hits and nausiating camera work. If you can stand to listen to the reporter trying to talk like she actually did some research on what a DS is, and if you don’t mind noticing that the women seem to be trying to steer the karts by turning the DS side to side, you’ll find out that Nintendo is being really aggressive with this whole female gamers thing. Handing out free DS systems to alpha women in hopes that it will attract friends and throwing parties based around the DS is a type of videogame marketing I didn’t ever think I’d see. I hate the downfall of the hardcore game as much as the next guy, but bravo for Nintendo stepping out if the box here.

Wait a minute, was that Pac-Man Fever I heard? Nevermind, I’m not coming down harsh enough on Today. DS in the city! WTF? Nintendo is performing one of the greatest marketing coupes in the history of marketing and you’re reporting on it like it’s a story about a cat fashion show. I suppose that is exactly what Nintendo wants though…bastards.