Castlevania Judgement, new screens and artwork

We all now know that Castlevania Judgment is coming and that it is not the traditional side-scrolling Castlevania fare, but a 3D fighter. What we didn’t know was this glut of information that was released today from Capcom about the game. For instance, did you know the game was designed specifically for the Wii, with motion controls for attacks? You did? Well how about the fact that the stages are fully interactive, and as the player battles their way through, various elements can be picked up, thrown, or used against the forces of evil, including enemies? Knew that one too, huh? Well I bet you didn’t know that acclaimed anime artist…oh, you did.

Then what the hell is the point of this press release other than to show of the new screens and artwork that came with it? Oh, that was the point. Gotcha. Ok, let’s start over.

There’s not much new information for Castlevania Judgement but check out these pretty pictures of the game. Can you recognize any of your favorite levels or characters yet? I am very intrigued by this game as Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi is a brilliant game designer, but Takeshi Obat’s character design is kind of throwing things off for me a bit. The promise of connectivity between the Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and Castlevania Judgement does have me excited though, as I always thought the Gamecube/GBA connectivity was one of the most underused features ever. Just going to have to wait to see how it all works out.

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