Konami at GC – something old, something new

Konami will be making their presence felt at the Leipzig Games Convention this August, showcasing an assortment of their finest announced and unannounced works. Over the course of this five day extravaganza we’ll be seeing how their much-anticipated new title Silent Hill: Homecoming is turning out, as well as the latest installments of their popular Pro Evo and DancingStage franchises.

But that’s not all. Konami’s Martin Schneider goes on to tease that there also some “exciting new concepts” currently under wraps to be unveiled during the convention. A number of these projects, coming from a mixture of European and Japanese developers, should be reaching fruition later this year and will be getting in-depth coverage at GC, complete with Q&A sessions and regular gameplay demonstrations.

The Leipzig Games Convention runs from the 20th to the 24th of August – expect a deluge of interviews, screenshots and exciting new Konami games around that time.

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