Midnight Gaming Championship returns

And mom said you’d never get anything from your videogame habit — do you play Guitar Hero III, Madden NFL 08 or Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Of course you do. And you think you’re pretty good, I’ll bet. Now you’ve got your chance to prove it in the third-annual Midnight Gaming Championship, which is set to tour the southern and midwestern United States.

Since we know gamers get hungry, the competitions will take place at various McDonald’s locations in participating cities where competitors will compete in a gaming battle to win cash and prizes, not to mention bragging rights for the title of “best gamer in their city.”

Bryan Pettigrew of Affinity Sports Marketing is very optimistic, “We have high expectations for this year’s competition, as it will prove to provide the biggest venue for gamers to compete in the most popular games on the market today.” So get out there and kick some tail. The 2008 Championship starts in Houston and Oklahoma City on July 12, followed by tournaments in Salt Lake City, UT and Dallas, TX in August and Lubbock, TX in September.