New Fallout 3 details and screens

Fallout 3 is just a few months away, and as if our mouths weren’t watering enough for the game already, Bethesda went and did something really foolish, they made us drool all over the keyboard by holding another fan Q&A — executive producer Todd Howard took many questions people over at the Fallout 3 forum had and put them in a easy to read list. The topics range from child killing (which you can assume is a big no-no), dungeons, to depth of character creation.

During the Q&A, Howard answered 25 questions. Here’s a brief overview of what he talked about:

  • The harshness and maturity of previous Fallout games has not been tempered for Fallout 3
  • You may not kill children, for the simple fact that it’s bad for business, also essential NPC characters may not be killed either
  • Choices and consequences in the game will be a mix between good/bad, and decisions that are tougher and may feel like choosing the lesser of two evils
  • Most NPC characters in the game are hostile, although some can be reasoned with, and others may even be hired
  • Crimes committed against one faction or another, for instance the Brotherhood of steel, will be known to all in that faction, but crimes committed in one town will not affect another
  • The dialog system in Fallout 3 is very deep, for instance the first Fallout had around a thousand lines of dialog where as Fallout 3 has 40,000 lines of dialog
  • Armor comes in two flavors, body and head, different outfits come with different stat boosts
  • The Pip-boy automatically separates your items for you into categories, while the total amount you may carry is based on weight rather then slots like some RPGs
  • An SDK or level editor is a possibility for the PC version, but will not come embedded on the disc.
  • The AI in the game will be 17 advanced
  • Dungeons play a prevalent role in Fallout 3 and permeate every aspect of the game from main quests, side quests, to just exploring
  • What skills you focus on will be the largest element of how the game plays
  • When the game starts the world map will have a “fog of war” and you must discover everything on foot, by yourself. A fast travel system will serve to get you back to where you have already been
  • The factions in Fallout 3 are diverse but you may have to look to find it, although when it makes sense the devs will “shove it in your face”
  • You will be able to aim your weapons in Fallout 3, although you will not be able to move while doing it. Guns also have a condition and that condition affects how much your gun jams during reloading and the damage it deals
  • Hostile NPC characters are as likely to attack each other as they are you, you are not “special”
  • There are around 100 perks (skills) in the game, and deciding which to chose will be a difficult choice
  • You will be able to create your face but not your body, you will as well have the ability to choose your race
  • Your PC will be able to crouch as it lends itself to sneaking. You will not be able to kneel, lie down, or climb
  • Outside of different cloud cover there are no weather effects in Fallout 3
  • You may only have one follower at a time and if you wish a new one you must first fire your current one
  • The story in Fallout 3 is all its own and is not a continuation of either of the previous titles
  • You may turn off the HUD
  • You can complete the game using no weapons, although it will be hard
  • Human NPC characters will take cover, use chems, use various weapons, and even flee

Well that’s it boys and girls, remember though this just an overview, so head over to the Bethesda forums to check it out in all its Technicolor glory. Also don’t forget to check out the three new screens in our gallery.

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