New Heavy Duty screens and details

Heavy Duty seems to be just that. An RTS game featuring mechs, large robots and plenty of troops doesn’t sound like much new, but developer Akella is pulling out a few stops to make this game stand out from the crowd. The game takes place in the future where mankind has started to populate planets throughout the universe and the governments of Earth have hired rival corporations to police and protect the planets. One such place, conveniently far away from earth, with only a small attachment of guards is attacked by aliens and you’re in charge of defending it using your small force and research labs.

So that description didn’t really sound like they were pulling out any stops at all, but if you consider that the game takes place on an actual spherical planet with different echo systems and terrains and not just a flat map, things start getting a bit more interesting. Then you find out that actions in the game actually have an effect on the environment. A large battle can actually destroy an area and the remains of the war will literally remain there for the entire game. Mountains can crumble, rivers will flood and that safe base you designed might become wide open for attack.

Plus check out the new screens of the game we got and these bulleted items from the press release, which are obviously important because, well, they’re bulleted:

  • Game world is available at any time and allows for you to instantly transport yourself from a strategic mode into a fast and dynamic action mode.
  • Through inverse kinematics, the movements of the battle robots look natural, just like the movements of the living beings.
  • Terramorfing makes it possible for sinking and landslides to appear. The landscape of the planet is changing irrevocably by the player’s actions.
  • The Direct management of selected military units allows you to be in the very center of fierce battles. Switching into tactical mode allows for the player to control and monitor the progress of the entire battle. Anyone can choose their own unique play style that fits them best.

I have no idea what inverse kinematics are so don’t ask, but being able to zoom all the way to see the entire planet and then back in to a single troop sounds pretty groundbreaking.

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