Nobilis likes how My Baby is doing

As gamers, we tend to watch the Japan or U.S. markets to see how games are doing. However, the PAL territories have been giving us insight lately into the casual market, especially the Touch Generation games. French publisher Nobilis has announced that their Nintendo DS game My Baby has just hit number 1 in France. The game was recently released in Spain, Benelux, Italy and Portugal, where they expect the same success. With sales doing this well, Nobilis is currently hard at work for UK, Germany and US launches.

My Baby is a child raising sim. Players can buy either Baby Boy or Baby Girl versions and the game allows players to interact with the baby completely using the stylus. Nobilis claims that while most baby games are a collection of mini-games, they have pushed the envelope further, “We decided to go for an ambitious gameplay experience based on a never seen before interaction with a digital baby.” Says Sébastien Chirpaz, Publishing Marketing Director for Nobilis, “…with My Baby we have placed casual Gaming where it should be now: mainstream but deep, valuable and impressive!”

The trailer is very cute, but, other than the scrapbook format, looks like a sequel to Nintendogs. Players will do everything from tickling and entertaining the baby, bathing and changing diapers to buying cloths and snapping pictures. Still, many kids might prefer raising a little digital baby and with how much the DS has been used in education, maybe we could see this in public high schools soon. Of course, they’d have to make the baby less cute and more demanding. We’ll see if the success keeps coming when My Baby fever spreads in Q3/Q4 2008.