Take a gander at the new PAIN abusement park

Just as promised earlier, here is the trailer featuring the long awaited amusement park level in PAIN. From looking at the video I must say I was wrong about the cannon. The new aerial person launching contraption appears to look like some kind of ejection seat. In other words, think of the first launcher without the giant rubber band.

The premise is simple — you’ve successfully destroyed Downtown with all your destructive shenanigans and now it’s time to spread the love at Uncle Jimmy’s Fun Spot Amusement Park. You’ll be able to grab onto ferris wheels, rotate around, and then crash head first into a hot dog stand. That’s just a brief synopsis of the kind of hilarity that can ensue.

For now the trailer is all we’re going to get. The stage won’t be shown off in its complete state until E3 but hey, that’s less than a week away. They may even throw a release date our way. Either way, expect this little number to reside on you hard drive this summer.