Giveaway / Submit E3 questions, win comfort

See that flashy logo above this post? Yup, That VideoGame Blog is going to E3 and we’re leaving a trail of awesome. We’ve got one-on-one interviews with almost every company out there and Jeremy Hill, Alix Minjarez and myself are going to be bringing you hands-on or eyes-on (feet-on?) info on every game our greedy paws can get a hold of. We’ll be reporting on all three of the big three’s press conferences, cause we’ll actually be there. Every major announcement, every big surprise, every total disappointment will be reported right here at TVGB.

But this wouldn’t be TVGB if we were going for us. OK, we are going for us, but we’re also going for you. What do you want to know? Want to ask Capcom something about Resident Evil 5 or maybe you want to know just how SouthPeak’s Ninjatown got populated with so many adorable ninjas? Maybe you’ve got a burning desire to know some of the deep, dark secrets of developer Deep Silver, or possibly you’re just excited that Tecmo football is coming back? Whatever it is, tell us and we’ll tell them. Ask us questions and we’ll ask them. It’s that simple, all you gotta do is head over to the Community Discussions area and pop a question into the E3 Questions post. Before you know it, you’ll be interviewing Bethesda Games via us, and that’s a whopping five degrees closer than you’ll ever be to Kevin Bacon.

But what’s this? Getting your questions answered by the developers of your favorite upcoming games not good enough? Fine! How does a free bean bag sound? Better? Good, cause we’re giving away two of them. And not just any two bean bags, but a Sumo Omni PLUS and a SumoSac Sultan — that’s $450 value right there — from urban lounge gear manufacturer Sumo Lounge. These bad boys are some of the biggest, baddest lounge chairs you’ve ever seen, and the only way to score one of them is to tell us what questions you want answered at E3. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.. So nothing more to see here, head over to the E3 Questions discussion right here for more details and to submit your question(s).