Google gets more Lively in social games

The mad scientists at Google Labs have come up Lively, their own brand of a 3D social networking program. Similar to Second Life, Lively is a downloadable plugin for both the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. The entire program plays in a separate window allowing you to continue your internet surfing while you’re logged into Lively.

Lively gives you total control over the type of room you create. There are several pre-created shells already available to use, with user-created content expected to soon follow. Lively carries a code that you can use to embed your creation into your own personal website or blog. The idea is to give visitors a better idea of the kind of similar interests you may share. The rooms are fully customizable, furniture can be placed at any angle you choose that attributes to the overall theme.

Just like the rooms, your avatar can be fitted to suit your virtual personality. You can be a the standard average Joe, or a super deformed little guy with huge eyes. If you choose, you can even be a cat or a pig. The standard customizable options are all there from skin color, hair, eyebrows, and of course clothing. When you’re done, drop into a room of your choice, or get started on your own.

This is a colorful experiment that groups of friends can surely get a kick out of. The download file is small so if you want to give this a go, pay a visit to the Lively website and check it out for yourself. A short video is also posted below.