Ooo, now what could this be? Sony’s new teaser site

Those cheeky little devils at Sony have been fueling out imaginations again with an all new teaser site for The Last Guy. What is The Last Guy? Nobody knows! All we do know is that this Friday we can expect some kind of announcement from inside Sony and hopefully a whole load of juicy screenshots and videos with it.

This isn’t the first time that the name The Last Guy has cropped up. It’s been one of those titles that like The Getaway and Eight Days — it was rumored to be in development but then allowed to slip under the radar. Those two may be bad examples because, however, as they were eventually cancelled (I just hope I haven’t jinxed this one by making that comparison).

And this isn’t the first time that Sony have used the “launch a teaser site and let them gossip for a bit” method of announcing a game either. Some may remember the ‘creepy’ countdown clock which was ticking down to the announcement of Siren, now one of Sony’s most hotly aniticipated first party titles. As far as The Last Guy is concerned, all we can do now is wait…