Quantum of Solace trailer and developer interview

Are you not content with simple screenshots of Quantum of Solace? I’m sure as hell am not. I want more details constantly, at all times. Short of that I will have to settle for the above video which shows the new Bond game off quite nicely. Things are looking good for the smoothest spy ever and I can’t wait to get my hands on not only the Xbox 360 version, but also the Wii and DS versions. Yes, I am that much of a Bond geek. In fact by the time the game comes out you’re going to wish I would stop posting about it, but I won’t have because I have the power and I’m mad with it!

Anyway, the video doesn’t tell us much of anything new but does give us a little taste of how things are going to work in action. I’m hoping they work out a few things to make it run a bit smoother by the time the game comes out though, as it all looks a bit clunky at the moment, which is the exact opposite of what a Bond game should be. I do like how the split screen gameplay looks and I’m hoping they use that to its full extent as I think it could be a really cool mechanic. That’s all for now, but don’t worry, next time even the smallest detail drops I’ll be here to overanalyze every aspect of it.

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