Sarah’s Emergency Room wants to be published

GAMEINVEST has announced their newest project, Sarah’s Emergency Room. This hospital/time management sim is currently being developed for PC, PSN, XBLA, Wii and the DS. Players will take on the role of Sarah, a young nurse who just landed a position at a small hospital in Arkansas. It must be strange for a California girl to suddenly make that kind of move and it will certainly be difficult helping every patient that arrives from X-rays, diagnosing, filling prescriptions, to helping perform actual operations.

Sarah’s Emergency Room revives the time management genre with fun, challenging levels and a frenetic pace with simulation management skills,” said GAMEINVEST founder and CEO Paulo Gomes. “Our commitment to quality and accessibility shines with beautiful graphics and a pick-up-and-play interface.”

The narrative follows Sarah as she progresses through seven different hospitals to its conclusion, each hospital adding more challenges and more activity. Later hospitals will have multiple levels which will all need to be managed at once. Whether you use a mouse, controller, Wii remote or stylus, you’ll have to work fast to control Sarah and her patients as they scurry about from doctors to exam rooms.

Sarah’s Emergency Room sports friendly 3D graphics and is being targeted at all ages. However, it would have been funny to see this title turning into something more like the Saturday Night Live sketch Appalachian Emergency Room.

GAMESINVEST is currently looking for distribution and publishing partners for the various platforms, so no release dates have been given quite yet.