Soul Calibur IV confirmed for mandatory install

Here we go again folks. The line of PS3 titles and their gigabyte sized install buddies are popping up once again. After Metal Gear Solid 4 gobbled up four and a half gigs, which was preceded by Haze‘s 8GB install, Soul Calibur IV will follow suit in a less draw dropping form. Scans from Famitsu magazine show that Soul Calibur IV will make itself comfortable by using only 2.85GB of your precious hard drive space, which is a huge relief from the previously rumored 6GB install with save files topping 2GB.

I know that’s a lot of number talk to take in all at once. The question is, why is this so necessary with big PS3 games? Sure it helps to cut down on load times, but I’m sure it won’t be too much different from the Xbox 360 version. I guess developers are still getting a bit tripped up in harnessing the supposed awesome power of the PS3. Either that or Project Soul couldn’t figure out how to store the large amounts of breasticles on a Blu-ray disc.

Start transporting those files to a flash drive before Soul Calibur IV comes to North America and Europe at the tail end of this month.

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