Sucker punch nature with Animal Boxing on DS

If there was ever a reason to put on a pair of boxing gloves and punch a Rhino in the face – this is it. Gammick Entertainment is planning an international release of its new title Animal Boxing near the end of the year. This game doesn’t necessarily take on the kind of plot you might expect, but then again, it’s Animal Boxing. Is a plot all that important? For the sake of argument, here’s the games story:

In a place known as the Animal Village, all the creatures live in total peace and harmony. They don’t try to eat each other or anything. Then a new boxing gym sprouts up in the village which turns the animals back to relying on their primal instincts. In this case the animals primal instinct is boxing. Who knew? There will be 50 different animals to smack around just to shake things up a bit.

The kicker here is the character you’ll be playing as is human. Whether you choose a male or female, nature won’t be safe from your opposable thumb wielding wrath.