The Conduit is looking good, real good

When I interviewed the guys at High Voltage about their upcoming game The Conduit, I asked them if they were really going to be able to deliver everything they were promising with this game. They, of course, said yes emphatically. The also said the game was getting better looking by the day. I, being a cynical journalist and not buying into their cover of being really awesome people, didn’t believe a word of it. I had seen the previous trailer and the screens and while they looked impressive I wasn’t going to buy into all their hype. It would be a shooter and it would be fun, but it wasn’t going to redefine the FPS on the Wii.

Amazing how a 35 second clip can change all that. I thought they were just saying the game looked better every day as a euphamism, but this trailer makes it look like they’ve basically been progressing that quickly since they released the last one. The graphics are crisper, the characters more detailed, even the buildings look better. Seriously, this is on the Wii? Shame on every other developer out there who has been handing us piss poor graphics and last-gen games on a system which, if this video is anywhere near the final product, can clearly handle more. There’s still nine months left of development too!

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