Activision focusing on Wii with “Wee 1ST” titles

Activision is again showing their support for the Wii by announcing a new initiative called “Wee 1ST,” which is set to expand the company’s Wii portfolio by highlighting the games that were made specifically for the system. “The Wii is introducing new audiences to gaming. Clearly, the Wii’s accessible controls are changing how the audience plays games and how we look at game design. This initiative is designed to showcase games that take full advantage of the Wii’s capabilities,” said Activision’s Dave Oxford.

This is a good thing, having a major developer put more effort into showcasing their Wii games that is. However, the first titles under this brand will be Little League World Series 2008, Rapala Fishing Frenzy and Dancing with the Stars: Get Your Dance On. While we all know how much Nintendo has been expanding the casual market, it would be nice for Activision to jump up and down promoting some more hardcore/non-casual games, like the upcoming Pitfall: The Big Adventure for example, as well.

Wee 1ST will be promoted by a national television and print media advertising campaign starting this Fall. More games will be announced in the coming weeks, all of which will be ready for the holiday season.