Activison Blizzard trying to ‘do it big’ in the future

The ink has barely dried on the papers, signaling the beginning of a new era for Activision Blizzard through their merger, and already the newly anointed CEO of the company is laying it down. Said simply, they are trying to make even more money. CEO Rene Penisson, after the standard formalities of being happy and so on about the merger, spoke out about the plans for the company, stating, “We are leaders across North America and Europe and are creating a substantial footprint in the rapidly growing Asian market. We are determined to ‘think big’!”

Time will tell if this ends up just being a whole lot of nothing or the blueprint for a healthy business model, but for now, CEO of Vivendi, Blizzard’s parent company, Jean-Bernard Levy agrees, “I am also very confident that, with the new leadership team in place, the new entity is perfectly positioned to take advantage of these rapidly developing markets across the globe.” Hats off to them, and congrats on the merger.