Bioware’s online community 4x platinum

Got to love the internet! I mean it is all the rage these days and savvy developers know this obvious piece of information, and use it to their advantage. Case and point, BioWare recently announced that their community site has now reached over four million user accounts and is still growing. The site pulls in an average of 38,000 new members a month and a lot of these aren’t dummy accounts as all the members are all very active.

To put this into perspective, social sites like Friendster (myspace before myspace) and Xanga have an estimated 1-2 million people, so 4 million isn’t exactly chump change.  BioWare’s online community site not only lets people discuss a variety of topics, it also puts the users into direct contact with the developers and allows the company to get some critical feedback from the people that are actually playing their games. The cherry on top of all of this is the fact that registered members usually get exclusive content directly from the development team, which is pretty sweet.