Codemasters releases second Flashpoint 2 target render

Codemasters is already known for touching up their screenshots a bit, so after looking at this new trailer and the quality shots from their oh-so-long-awaited Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, many would tell you to take them in with a pinch of salt sprinkled on top. Although, once you really start to look at them closely and think about it, there’s nothing really there that would be unthinkable, considering the power of the PC these days.

With Crysis, Crytek showed us what a top of the line PC is capable of, and we already know Flashpoint 2’s console brethren won’t be as pretty as the PC version since Codemasters is looking towards the game engine making full use of future PC hardware. So, while the video clearly has that obvious pre-rendered touch, it’d be at least smart to keep hope alive that Flashpoint 2 on the PC indeed can end up looking very close to this good, and that Codemasters is fully capable of living up to their word and delivering the best looking and most immersive full scale war sim we’ve ever seen.

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