D3P to show off Bikini Zombie Slayers for Wii at E3

Here’s some E3 news that I can get excited about – D3Publisher is going to be showing off Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers for the Wii. The title enough is enough to get my guy glands going, there’s just something about slaughtering the undead and seeing chicks in bikinis that sparks my interest.

Onechanbara is actually a series of hack-and-slash zombie slaying games from Japan, which even had a movie based on it. The story follows sisters Aya and Saki as they defend their city from the undead. In this new Wii game the story focuses on Aya as she sets out to find the secret of her IMICHI ancestors. The characters you meet will help bring the sisters closer to finally discovering the source to the zombie plague and stopping it once and for all.

Players can take the role of either sister or enjoy playing as both in a co-op mode. Both characters have their own unique fighting styles and move sets, with Wii remote motion controls to slash, swing and thrust to help you mow down the zombie hordes. If either sister gets too much blood on her, as you play, she will go psycho in Rage Mode gaining more power and agility to decimate your enemies.

Yoji Takenaka, D3P’s executive vice president and chief operating officer for North America and Europe said, “Onechanbara perfectly blends the thrill and excitement of a zombie-filled horror flick with a pair of sisters that pack a powerful sword behind impeccable beauty. Gamers will be delighted that a lot of features have been included to make a fun and easy to pick-up and play title at a great price.”

We may get a look at Onechanbara at E3 next week, but sadly we’ll have to wait till early 2009 for our own zombie slaying and breasticle ogling adventure.

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