Max Payne movie trailer looks… really dark

Ahhhh… If the recent forays of quality comic book movies could be held as any indication of what we can expect out of their videogame movie counterparts in the future, then things would be looking good.  But as it stands, most videogame silver screen adaptations have been anything but stellar. That being said, check out the trailer for the upcoming Max Payne movie, starring everyone’s favorite pop star turned serious actor Mark Wahlberg.  He’s got the narrative voice dead on and it actually doesn’t look half bad. But then again, the Hitman trailer looked pretty good too.

I have a fond memory of Max Payne because it was one the first gifts that an ex-girlfriend got me for Xmas one year, and I played it to death way back when.  Hopefully, this movie won’t be as terrible as DOA but given the string of gaming flicks history, I’m not going to hold my breath.